What FStormRender is

FStormRender is a new GPU powered, unbiased render with good performance / quality trade. It is very simple, fast and realistic with convenient materials and light sources.

FStormRender has many unique features such as improved tone mapping, light sampling, native BRDF model, glare effects, improved raytracer and optimized QMC sampler. FStorm adaptive image sampling gives the best image noise/time ratio. QMC sampler + GPU gives the fastest depth of field and motion blur effects. FStorm displacement uses a special geometry primitives. It doesn't subdivide initial geometry, doesn't take much memory and can be applied to unlimited surfaces.

3ds max plugin is deeply integrated to 3ds max environment and supports all necessary features. Build-in scene converter easily and carefully converts any scene from Corona, VRay and Octane renders. Very simple and flexible API allows developers to make other 3d applications plugins.

FStormRender is developed by PinkSoft LTD located in Russian Federation. FStormRender is registered software by Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property and protected by Russian Federation laws.

FStormRender license costs 20€ per month for one PC.
Please read license agreement for more details and contact us for any queries.

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